As my first post as President, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all have time over the Christmas period for rest and recuperation. 

It has been a busy year for our Association and below I have attempted to wrap up the many events and announcements of 2022; 

  • Core Capabilities Framework for Medical Associate Professionals released in June 2022 – This vital document will support AA’s career progression and employers wanting to develop services and roles. 
  • New Curriculum for AA’s – Currently a draft document and will remain as such until the GMC officially approves the document following AA regulation. However, this is used by current course providers. 
  • Lancaster Medical School announced as the new course provider offering a blended learning program for Anaesthesia Associates. The first cohort of students are due to start in March 2023. There are now 3 providers of Anaesthesia Associate training programs nationally. 
  • The national funding model announced by HEE was open for bidding. With potentially 120 places funded in this first round, in England and Wales. Future funding offers will be announced, and we will work closely with HEE to communicate these opportunities. 
  • Appointment of regional AA Ambassadors funded by HEE – these roles will offer support and guidance to Employers interested in the AA workforce. A showcasing event has taken place in North-West England, with further events due for 2023. 
  • Faculty of Anaesthesia Associates – work is ongoing in the development of the faculty and we look forward to more information in the new year. 
  • Annual AoAA conference in Liverpool SOLD OUT – This incredibly successful event was enjoyed by all.

I would like to thank the committee for their efforts in all these activities. The AoAA plays a crucial role in working with these stakeholders to help deliver these projects. We want our members to engage with us to ensure we represent your views. In keeping with this message please look out for listening events in the New Year. Members will have the opportunity to talk to committee representatives, to discuss issues and ideas and network. There are stark national differences in many elements of the role, from funding, progression, and role utilisation. I hope we can share ideas and aim to benefit the profession in all regions. 

I feel this year has seen a huge surge in interest and positivity around the role. Having spoken to many people at the annual conference in Liverpool, all expressed a similar enthusiasm. The future is certainly looking bright.  

Best Wishes for the New Year!