Anaesthesia Associates are part of the multi-disciplinary anaesthesia team, led by a Consultant Anaesthetist, who look after patients undergoing many aspects of Critical Care. A full job description can be found here and the Scope of Practice on qualification here.

A rewarding career as an Anaesthesia Associate is open to applicants from one of two different groups:

For applicants coming from outside the UK, with qualifications, please see our FAQs page for further information.

e.g. nurses, operating department practitioners (ODPs) with one or both of the following:

a) At least three years, full-time, post-qualification work experience in a relevant area and evidence of recent (within three years) and successful academic activity
b) A first degree in a health-related subject.

  • With a biomedical science or biological science background
  • Preferably with a second class Honours degree or better, or other evidence of recent and successful academic activity
  • With a demonstrable commitment to a career in healthcare.

Full information on the course content can be found in the DoH Toolkit and Curriculum documents

The large vocational component of the course means that it can only be undertaken by candidates employed by hospitals who have been approved for the purpose. Organisations wishing to train AAs should refer to the toolkit document for a full explanation of the requirements.

The 27 month post-graduate training programme is delivered jointly by a university provider and the employing organisation.

Please note, the Association is not normally aware of when trainee positions will become available.  Trainee and qualified posts are usually advertised on NHS Jobs.

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