Continuing Professional Development

CPD requirements and resources to support your life long learning

Continuing Professional Development, Appraisal and ongoing assessment are key components of maintaining safe high quality care. The Association strongly encourages all Anaesthesia Associates to maintain a portfolio recording all postgraduate educational activity and a logbook of cases undertaken. Anaesthesia Associates should be able to justify the subject matter and quality of their CPD is appropriate to their role and scope of practice.

The AAA holds an annual conference which has in previous years been approved for 5 CPD points per day by the Royal College of Anaesthetists. In recent years this has also included a second day of workshops, relevant to AA practice.

The Association considers that the equivalent of 25 CPD points annually would be the minimum required to demonstrate continuing competence.

A comprehensive CPD document by Health Education England (see below) supersedes the 2012 document below, which is for historical reference.

AAA CPD September 2012

Where to find CPD opportunities

Below are details of a few of the CPD opportunities available to AAs.

Membership of the AAA provides discounted rates to our annual conferences, the largest meeting of AAs every year.

Members are also eligible to represent AAs nationally in a range of forums, which includes areas such as developing guidance documents, which count towards CPD.

Affiliate membership of the College is open to AAs, giving discounted membership to national conferences.

Membership also provides access to the respected British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA) and BJA Education.

You are also able to access the RCoA Lifelong Learning platform, which will allow accurate recording of CPD and setting of goals for personal development plans. All stored online.

The new Lifelong Learning platform also allows access to an updated logbook, which can be updated offline.

To support Anaesthesia Associates with their on going CPD, the Association of Anaesthetists have created a membership category specifically for AAs.

Details of how to join can be on the Association of Anaesthetists website, under the ‘Become a Member’ section. There are many local and national events, with discounts for members, as well as many hours of online CPD for members.

Please note: you will need a copy of your AA/PA(A) University certificate (PgDip/MSc) to join.

Membership is also open to trainee AAs for a heavily discounted rate.

An online Learn@ platform is available to members, to record learning and reflections.

Members of the Association of Anaesthetists can access the internationally respected Anaesthesia Journal (as well as receiving exclusive access to the Anaesthesia app) and Anaesthesia Reports, a collection of case reports in anaesthesia, pain medicine and intensive care. Plus you’ll get copies of the latest Anaesthesia News.

You can also access a wide range of patient safety and care guidelines (including our members only app). Members can help shape these popular documents by joining one of our working parties.

To help facilitate CPD, all NHS employees are able to access free online training on e-LfH.

e-LfH is a Health Education England Programme in partnership with the NHS and Professional Bodies.

An anaesthesia specific section has been created with support from the RCoA, e-Learning for Anaesthesia.

Future Learn is an online platform, with a wide range of courses including healthcare courses. Most courses are available for free, with certificates to prove CPD available for a charge.

Two current courses specifically relating to anaesthesia as of January 2020 include:

Perioperative Medicine in Action

Airway Matters

CPD, Appraisal and Assessment Guidance Document

Health Education England, engaging with key stakeholders, including the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Association of Anaesthesia Associates have developed a comprehensive document to guide the continuing professional development of Medical Associate Professionals – this includes Anaesthesia Associates.

This document provides clear guidance for the trained and qualified MAP NHS workforce, and sets out common standards for ongoing CPD, assessment and appraisal. This guidance should be used to enable MAPs, with the support of employers, to plan, institute, maintain and evidence their ongoing clinical, academic, and professional learning to common standards via their commitment to their professional development.

There are sections on CPD, Appraisal and Assessment of competency and capability.

Anaesthesia Associates, their clinical leads or supervisors and employers are encouraged to implement this model to maintain consistency and improve quality of care.

The guidance in this document is aligned to the standards and processes of both the GMC and HCPC. It has been developed in collaboration with AA, ACCP, PA and SCP professional’s and professional bodies, medical royal colleges and faculties, NHS Employers, the British Medical Association and patient representatives.

Health Education England have also published a core capabilities framework for all medical associate professionals

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