The Royal College of Anaesthetists have developed a short video to explain the role of the Physicians’ Assistant (Anaesthesia). It gives an overview of how PA(A)s can help with patient care as members of the anaesthetic team.  The title of the profession has changed, however, the information in the video applies to Anaesthesia Associates.

A short video developed by the Royal College of Anaesthetists explaining the Physicians’ Assistant (Anaesthesia) role.

With over 170 qualified PA(A)s/AAs currently in practice (May 2018) across the UK, and with many more in training, AAs play an important role in the delivery of safe and effective anaesthetic services to NHS patients across the United Kingdom.

More information about AAs can be found on the RCoA’s website here:

With thanks to the staff of the Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust and the Association of Physician’s Assistants Anaesthesia for assistance in making this video.

NHS Employers have also created an introductory film explaining the role of PA(A)’s and a second video illustrating the wider Medical Associate Professions (MAPs) roles.


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