AA Ambassadors

NHS England have created regional AA ambassadors. These ambassadors are advocates for the AA role, most commonly being qualified AA’s themselves, or, other healthcare professionals with knowledge of the MAP’s workforce.

Various engagement events have been organised by the AA ambassadors in their respective regions. These events have targeted employers, healthcare professionals and science graduates aiming to share information on the AA profession and support the expanding network.

Currently employers can access funding for AA training. For details on the funding available from NHS England, please contact the regional AA Ambassadors listed below.

North West – Emma Harrison – emma.harrison@hee.nhs.uk

North East – Paul Pharoah – paul.pharoah@nhs.net

Midlands – Charlotte Scott-Wilson – charlotte.scott-wilson@taurushealthcare.co.uk

East of England – Dominic Lewis – dominic.lewis@nnuh.nhs.uk

London – Frances Marfleet – frances.marfleet@nhs.net

South West – Stewart Hill – stewart.hill@nhs.net

The details have been shared with permission.