Code Of Conduct

The General Medical Council (GMC) has been asked to statutorily regulate Anaesthesia Associates (AAs) by the government. Subject to the legislation required to facilitate this, the GMC has agreed to undertake the role of regulator for AAs and PAs.

The GMC currently produces ethical guidance for doctors. In the interim, before statutorily required, we would suggest that Anaesthesia Associates mirror, where applicable, the ethical guidance produced by the GMC for doctors.

In time, a modified or specific set of guidelines will be produced for AAs, with input from key stakeholders, including AAs themselves. We would not expect this to be significantly different from that required of doctors, as much of the guidance is applicable to all healthcare professionals.

Please note, before a register is created, it will be for employers to uphold standards, following the creation of . a register, the GMC will then become responsible in ensuring registrants adhere to the published guidance.

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