Before the next conference we hope to install the new titled members of the AAA Board.

As per the constitution, these Board members have nominated themselves for the following positions, uncontested:

The President – Paul Forsythe
The Vice President – John Randall
The RCoA Representative – Sarah Massey

The Vice President is a new role that has been suggested to support the President’s duties with the advent of regulation. It will be contingent on the first amendment to the constitution being approved at the 2021 AGM.

The following roles have not been filled by members of the board and require nominations from the general membership:
The Treasurer
The Secretary


Also, part of the first amendment will be increasing the size of the board and expanding the roles of Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English representatives on the committee. These are open to nomination as well.

As a member of the Association you may put yourself forwards for one of these positions or nominate a fellow member. Nomination of others must be done so with their written permission (which may be digital) and a copy of which should be provided to the board with the nomination. One student position will also be available if nominated.
If uncontested, these roles will be filled by those nominated.
If there are multiple nominations, there will be an online vote, details of which will follow in a subsequent email.

You have 2 weeks following the sent date on this email to provide your or a fellow member’s name for nomination. After the deadline an online vote will be announced. All registered members have been sent this via email on the 6th of September 2021.

A full rundown of the suggested amendments to the constitution will be available to members before the 2021 AGM.


Many thanks,
Irfan Mehmood – President
Scott Hepburn – Secretary