Nominations to join the APAA committee

As I’m sure you’re all aware the next conference and AGM is fast approaching. The APAA is looking for members to join the committee, both as general committee members and named roles. The named roles that we are looking to recruit from the membership are:


  • The treasurer needs to be able to manage the finances and membership of the APAA. This usually requires around an hour a week with more time required around membership renewal and the annual conference. The treasurer will need to be comfortable with online banking and using PayPal, as well as cloud sharing services and be able to organise the relevant paperwork for annual accounts. The incoming treasurer will be supported with these functions as much as possible.

Website Officer:

  • The website officer will need a basic working knowledge of IT which can be built upon with support from fellow committee members and the existing website support company. This role will share duties with those committee members who promote the APAA via social media. This should require about half an hour every other week depending on events on the APAA calendar.

As a general member of the committee there will also be opportunities to represent the APAA at various meetings across the year. A communications officer will be selected from the general committee at the conclusion of the AGM. The comms officer will be required to represent the APAA at HEE meetings every two months and potentially at other events.

The committee of the APAA realises that at times there have been issues with communications and dissemination of information to the APAA membership. To address this we wish to recruit more regional representatives in the form of trust link personnel. Each group of PAAs within a trust may nominate a member to represent them on the committee of the APAA or simply to be the first point of contact with the APAA.

All nominations must be emailed to the APAA ( by midnight on Friday the 27th of April 2018.

Each nominee must be a paid member of the APAA and if the nominee in question has previously held a position on the committee they will only be eligible for re-election one calendar year after resigning (or 4 calendar years if forcibly removed through a vote).

If multiple nominations are presented for the named roles it will go to a vote at the AGM for the general membership in attendance.

We look forwards to hearing from you!

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