Health Education England, engaging with key stakeholders, including the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Association of Anaesthesia Associates have developed a comprehensive document to guide the continuing professional development of Medical Associate Professionals – this includes Anaesthesia Associates.

The document can be accessed here.

Or on out CPD page.

This document provides clear guidance for the trained and qualified MAP NHS workforce, and sets out common standards for ongoing CPD, assessment and appraisal. This guidance should be used to enable MAPs, with the support of employers, to plan, institute, maintain and evidence their ongoing clinical, academic, and professional learning to common standards via their commitment to their professional development.

There are sections on CPD, Appraisal and Assessment of competency and capability.

Anaesthesia Associates, their clinical leads or supervisors and employers are encouraged to implement this model to maintain consistency and improve quality of care.

The guidance in this document is aligned to the standards and processes of both the GMC and HCPC. It has been developed in collaboration with AA, ACCP, PA and SCP professional’s and professional bodies, medical royal colleges and faculties, NHS Employers, the British Medical Association and patient representatives.