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The Association of  Anaesthesia Associates represents its members. The Royal College of Anaesthetists currently hold a voluntary register of qualified AAs.  The register is a pre-requisite for a GMC statutory register,  the Royal College of Anaesthetists has written to all NHS Trusts advising them to employ only registered AAs.

The GMC encourage all AAs to join the voluntary register, as it is expected those on the voluntary register may be ‘grandfathered’ across to the statutory register.

To join the register held by the RCoA please click here

In addition, members of the Association also benefit from;

  • Discounted fees for our annual conference. A fantastic opportunity to meet your colleagues from across the UK, with a strong AA relevant educational core.

  • Access to the member’s on-line forum. This is a lively forum which we use to share information, ask for advice and help, air our concerns, debate current issues, and generally keep in touch with one another. (It is by turns, reassuring, alarming, infuriating or hilarious, but rarely boring!)

  • The opportunity to attend the Annual General Meeting of the AAA, have your say, stand for Board membership, vote in Board elections.

  • Have your views represented by elected AAA Board members at a national level


to Association of Anaesthesia Associates

The AAA Board has been working very hard to represent and promote the AA role.

This has involved engagement and representation with the Royal College of Anaesthetists and Health Education England.  We are all working on the shared objective of improving patient safety by statutorily regulating AAs.

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    Please note: The annual subscription fee is £60. Payment is due on the 1st of February and 1st of August, £30 on each date, alternatively you may pay the full £60 on the 1st of February.

    Trainee AA membership fee is £30 per annum.

    The Voluntary Register @ the Royal College of Anaesthetists

    Please note, membership to the AAA does not lead to your name being entered on the the AA voluntary register held by the RCoA. Please register directly on the College website. See link below.